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This page contains a few suggestions for further reading. If you come across any books or articles that others might find useful, please get in touch. If you find a broken link on this page, please let me know.

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This section includes links to Amazon UK, for more information and/or purchases. Amazon's prices are usually cheaper than the list prices shown. Any purchase made from this page helps support psyclick.org.uk!

General clinical psychology

What Is Clinical Psychology?

What Is Clinical Psychology?

edited by John Hall & Susan Llewelyn
Price: £24.95
A Short Introduction to Clinical Psychology

A Short Introduction to Clinical Psychology

Katherine Cheshire and David Pilgrim
Price: £16.99
The Handbook of Clinical Adult Psychology

The Handbook of Clinical Adult Psychology

edited by Alan Carr & Muireann McNulty
Price: £31.34
Clinical Psychology and People with Intellectual Disabilities

Clinical Psychology and People with Intellectual Disabilities

edited by Eric Emerson, Amanda Caine, Jo Bromley & Chris Hatton
Price: £21.11

SPSS / Microsoft Access guides

You might also find books on SPSS or Microsoft Access useful, as most of us have to use this software as undergrads, assistants and trainees.

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Journal articles

There is an excellent collection of articles available at shropsych.org, most of which were originally published in 'Clinical Psychology' (formerly known as 'Clinical Psychology Forum'), the monthly journal sent to members of the Division of Clinical Psychology. Libraries tend not to stock this journal, so getting hold of these articles can be tricky. The authors have helpfully re-published some of their work, which includes some interesting and useful stuff on professional practice.

David Smail has similarly re-published some thought-provoking stuff, as well as some other original works.

Amy Wicksteed and David Shapiro have published a list of 'Clinical Psychology Forum' articles related to the development of adult mental health psychological services. These were all published between January 1995 and April 2000, so some may be hard to track down. But they are sorted by topic, so it's a useful list if you have access to past issues.

Mark Burton and Carolyn Kagan have made available various papers around the topic of community psychology, an area related to clinical psychology that is growing, and that all trainees should at least know a bit about.

Here's a list of a few other useful references:

  • Clare, L. (1995). Successful applicants for clinical training: A descriptive profile of one trainee cohort. Clinical Psychology Forum, 77, 31-34.
  • Huey, D.A. & Britton, P.G. (2002). A portrait of clinical psychology. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 16, 29-78.
  • Roth, T. (1998). Getting on clinical training courses. The Psychologist, Dec, 589-592.
  • Roth, T. & Leiper, R. (1995). Selecting for clinical training. The Psychologist, Jan, 25-28.

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BPS documents

The BPS has a number of documents relating to clinical psychology that are free to download and well worth reading. They contain key ideas that will come in handy for application forms and interviews, as well as your day to day work. This includes excellent papers on clinical governance and working in teams. For a full list, go to the BPS document download pages.