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Log of changes and additions


  • Groups page updated, at long last:
  • New groups added: East Sussex, Essex, Rampton, West Sussex, Worcestershire, Ireland (Dublin-based)
  • Updated details for: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Derby, Lancashire, Leicester, Manchester, Mersey, NE London, NE England, Sheffield, SE England, Teesside, East Scotland, Tayside, West Scotland, North and South Wales.



  • The psyclick 100 raffle is go! - some inspired members of the psyclick forum have organised a raffle, to raise £500 to sponsor a child in an African community devastated by AIDS.
  • If you have a prize to donate to the raffle, or would like to buy a ticket, just visit the forum.
  • 'Mad props' to Miriam and co for organising this one applause
  • Meanwhile, I updated psyclick's copyleft to Creative Commons UK 2.0




  • At last! Got my act together to update the groups page
  • Too many changes to list here - many updates of contact details, and some new additions. All clearly marked on that page.
  • If there are any errors or omissions, please get in touch.


  • Psyclick is 3!

Before this?

This list was getting quite long, so I have moved all entries for 2002 to 2004 to another page: what's old.