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Geeky info on psyclick.org.uk

This page summarises some techy info about psyclick, for those who are interested in such things. If that ain't you, I'd not worry too much about this page.

Web hosting

psyclick is hosted by 34sp.com, who are based in Manchester. Their hosting package is well priced and flexible. Support is pretty good too.

Here's a cheeky banner ad for them, which might generate a few pennies for this site:

34SP.com - Budget prices, premium features

Domain name registration

Presently set up with 1&1, who are cheap for UK web forwarding (not so good for this site's hosting needs). The psyclick.org.uk address creates an invisible frame for psyclick.34sp.com, where it's really hosted. At some point I'll transfer the name to 34sp and make it a 'proper' domain.

Meanwhile, here's another cheeky affiliate banner ad, this time for 1&1:

Page design

Mostly coded by hand, which has helped me learn XHTML, CSS etc. I use TextPad on Win98SE, a fast and flexible text editor. I used to have access to DreamWeaver, but it I wanted to teach myself some 'proper' web design.

Mailform script

All mail forms use the FormMail script from NMS, which should be fairly secure and has plenty of features.

Forum script

The ubiquitous phpBB, which is free and powerful. Well supported, easy for users, easily configurable, and fun!

Other software

FTP is all done with FileZilla, a free and open source FTP client. Updated regularly, reliable, no need for WS_FTP.

Some content is produced on MS Windows 97, and converted to PDFs using Adobe Acrobat.

I sign all email updates with PGP or GnuPG

Web standards

I try to make everything comply to XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0, but I do tend to keep breaking this a bit. Although I can't get the site to pass things like WCAG, I do try and keep it fairly accessible. Not too many graphics, no frames, ALT tags, and so on.

Anything else?

I'm all for Creative Commons