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Example CV / 'further info' layout

Here is an example of a format I have found useful for laying out my CVs or 'further information' sections for job applications.

The idea is to consider the person specifications for each post, and use these as headings, with a simple, clear layout. That way, the person sifting the applications can be clear how you meet their criteria.

Once you have a version of this, you can revise it as needed for each job. There tends to be some overlap in person specifications for assistant psychologist posts (for example), but be sure to read them thoroughly and focus your application appropriately

You can download a version of this page in RTF[?] format, for use in a word processor. It uses simple tables (without borders) to lay things out in a clean, easily editable style.

Ben Pollinger - further information

Relevant skills and experience
Interviewing and communication skills Despite being a part-time geek whilst running a website, I have considerable social skills. I developed basic interviewing skills in the course of my undergraduate project. A major part of my data came from a semi-structured questionnaire, which involved asking some fairly personal questions about the spouses' experiences after their partners' strokes.

My work since graduating has enabled me to build on these skills in NHS settings, through numerous interviews with clients. [etc.]
Research knowledge and skills My degree gave me a solid foundation in research methods, psychometrics and statistics. I have built on this knowledge since graduating, through research projects in a range of NHS settings. [etc.]
Report writing and presentation skills Writing reports and making presentations were key skills covered in my degree. These skills were put to the test in the final year when writing up and presenting findings from my major project. I have built on this experience significantly since graduating. [etc.]
Genetic engineering I have developed a novel strain of bacteria to produce a cheese that toasts itself and tastes great with squirrel.

Pollinger, B. (2003). A comparison of the dunking properties of 'Rich Tea' versus 'HobNob' biscuits. British Journal of Elevenses Science, 12, 243-265

Other skills and interests
Lichens I am fascinated by lichens of all textures and hues, and cultivate them on a small log in my garden.
Marmots I am an enthusiastic member of the English Marmot Society. Some of my best friends are marmots.
Referees [if creating a CV]
Referee 1
Who will hopefully
Say some splendid
Things about
Referee 2
Who will hopefully
Be even nicer
In their
Glowing reference