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Contact details

Email me at ben [at] psyclick [dot] org [dot] uk

If you want to encrypt your email to me, you can use my X.509[?] certificate. Send a blank message by clicking here and you'll receive an automatic response telling you how to get my certificate. Or you can download my PGP / GnuPG key.

Looking for advice?

A few people have emailed me asking for specific advice on their situation, particularly about how to get a foot in the door, whether it is worth applying to the course etc. Sometimes I can help, but it might be a better idea to post such questions to the advice forum. That way, other readers might be able to help (and it might help get a discussion going!). I regularly check the forum myself anyway, and will post a reply if I can help.

For any other matters, use this mail form to contact me personally:

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