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About psyclick.org.uk

What is this site about? Who is it for?

psyclick.org.uk was launched on 1st August 2002 as a resource for people interested in obtaining a place on a Clinical Psychology Doctorate (DClinPsy) course. It is designed primarily for those in the UK (and hence the NHS), although if you are pursuing a clinical psychology career elsewhere, you might find some content useful.

Due in part to a bottle-neck in training capacity, there is considerable competition for places on DClinPsy courses. In addition to a BPS recognised degree in psychology, applicants need to gain relevant experience, typically in assistant psychologist posts. This is not the only route however, and I hope not to exclude those on other paths from this site. Whatever the applicant's background or their preferred course, everyone must apply via the Clearing House for Postgraduate Courses in Clinical Psychology.

What made you create this site?

I created psyclick because information, ideas and dialogue are not always easy to find, especially as an undergraduate, recent graduate or assistant. As an undergraduate, I found it hard to find good information and guidance about the profession, and have since found myself saying "if only I knew then what I know now" on many occasions. The work and roles of clinical psychologists are clearly different to the ideas I had as an undergraduate, and my understanding has certainly developed in the posts I have held. I'm sure I'm not the only person to have had these experiences.

However, I still have a lot to learn, and I hope this is reflected in the collaborative nature of this site: I want to learn from other people, whether they are about to graduate, applying to the course for the first time, have had a few interviews, are training, recently qualified or even holding a Chair in Clinical Psychology! More importantly, I hope this site will encourage others to share their experience, so anyone visiting this site can learn something that might help them develop as a psychologist, and/or help get a place on a course.

Who started this site?

Ben Pollinger. I worked as an assistant psychologist around Tyneside before coming to Leeds.

If the system is so competetive, will anyone contribute to this site?

Many people already have! I started the site in part as a reaction to the protectionist attitude found in some assistant psychologists who guard their knowledge and experience. This attitude is by no means widespread, and is understandable given the considerable competition at the foot of the career ladder. But I find it sad that, for example, people looking to gain experience do not share information about job vacancies with their peers. Of course, this reduces the competition, but it also adds to the isolation, frustration and unhappiness. Many of us experience enough of that when faced with yet another rejection letter, low pay and a sense of not getting anywhere.

There are no real 'inside secrets' to be jealously guarded, as if they might give 'the opposition' a better chance of getting a job or an interview. I believe that psychologists (be they undergraduates, assistants, trainees or qualified) could generally do more to support each other and demystify the whole process.

How can I get involved?

My hope is that psyclick will develop as a 'bottom-up' resource, and thus I would welcome input from psychologists at every career stage.

As you browse through the site, you will probably identify areas that are lacking, over-simplistic, missing, or just plain wrong! If you feel you are in a position to address these deficits, please get in touch, or generate some discussion in the forum.

I am also keen that this website be found and used by anyone and everyone who might find it useful. If you know of someone who might benefit, please let them know. If you work or study in a university or health department, please consider printing out and displaying a poster. And if you have a psychology-related website, please consider adding a link to this site.

Don't you have a legal disclaimer?

Oh go on then, I tried to avoid legalisms but...

Please note that this site is produced entirely independently of any professional body or employer. The words and views expressed are my own, or those of contributors. More importantly, this site simply provides information, advice and a forum for discussion - there is no guarantee that any of it will help you become a clinical psychologist, but hopefully it won't hurt. wink

What about a privacy policy?

I take privacy on the internet very seriously, so I want to be clear about the information I collect, or that the server collects. So again, whilst it may seem legalistic, I have created a privacy policy for this site.

Why did you call it 'psyclick'?

It's derived from 'psychology' and (mouse) 'click'. It cunningly incorporates 'cyclic', reflecting that feeling we all have at times of going round in circles. oh well

If you came to this site hoping to find something about 'licking psychologists', I'm afraid you will be disappointed. Sadly, I only recognised the 'psyc-lick' interpretation after I bought the domain name. nudge nudge, wink wink

How did you build this site?

I'm compiling a page on more geeky info about psyclick, for those who might be interested.